Methods to Upgrade First Class Seat in Alaska

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Methods to Upgrade First Class Seat in Alaska

The Alaska Upgrade to First Class Policy is very transparent when it comes to upgrading. Finding out how you can redeem or earn an upgrade on your booking is vital information you must be aware of.

Upgrade to First Class with Elite Status

  • The achievement of the highest Mileage Plan elite status is the most commonly used method to receive complimentary Alaska Airlines upgrades.
  • When you purchase flights, make sure you choose flights that have First-Class upgrade availability under the upgrade pricing to increase the chances of obtaining an upgrade to First Class.
  • Mileage Plan miles can be exchanged to purchase premium cabin flights through Alaska as well as its codeshare partners or interline agreement partners.
  • Upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines with your American AAdvantage Executive Platinum or Platinum Pro elite membership.

Upgrade to First Class without Elite Status

  • Passengers are able to request Alaska First Class upgrades for just 250 USD upon check-in at airport kiosks or at the departure gate.
  • When you call Alaska Airlines customer number +1 877-311-7484 You can upgrade to First Class by redeeming the lowest 15000 Alaska Air Miles.
  • The Money and Miles option saves you up to 50% off your ticket: 10,000 miles equals 50 dollars off the base price and 20,000 miles is 100 USD off.